A champion has been crowned. The Baltimore Ravens are the NFL Champions of 2012. Congratulations go out all the way across the board, even to the the mighty San Fransisco 49rs who by all measures came to play, be it two quarters late.

NFL Champions 2012

NFL Champions 2012

The Game in Review:

Anthem: Let me start saying that the national anthem was among the least memorable in history. Please please please, dont ever sit and do the anthem again.

Halftime: Wow, if anyone can tell me why this is memorable and entertaining, I will tip my hat off to you. I like her alot, I really really do, and she is in great shape after the kids, and PLEASE, this halftime show was less entertaining that the power outage.

PowerOutage: Come on NFL. PowerOutage at your level? Seriously? I dare anyone to complain again when a pageant starts late, fashion shows run over, and events are not as elegantly produced as a power outage of the NFL biggest event.

Game: This was a good game, although I had to muster fake enthusiasm to get into it since Falcons, Patriots, and Broncos were out. Loved the comeback, hated the officiating. It was great to see professional brothers at that stage handle the event with grace and poise.

Congratulations to the Ravens, are they the best no, are they champions yes. So nothing further for me to say on them other than my brother got his wish, the 35 people that attended my party had fun, but only few had my 49rs back, and mom tweeted, facebooked, and blogged. Love you mom.

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